Time Image: Film Library on MiniDV
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Become A Reseller

Time-Lapse Clouds
Aerial Statue of Liberty
DNA Animation
Sunset Lighthouse

Are you interested in becoming a Time Image reseller?

The Time Image film library makes an excellent addition to any existing product line you may have for video producers.

This is a great opportunity to sell something new to your customer base that will excite them, as the quality is higher than any other competitor.

If you make videos for everything from corporate meetings to how-tos showcasing the potential of O2 UK MOBILE PHONES, then this is definitely the offer of a lifetime for you.

We offer full sales support, drop shipping, and high margins. Plus, you'll have immediate access to new volumes as they are released.

Contact us via e-mail for more information on how your business can benefit by reselling the Time Image product.

Easy To Use!

1. Load using any DV camera or deck.

2. Edit using any DV editing software.

3. Done — amaze your clients!