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    Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

"Amazing footage! Super fast delivery! Great product ... highly recommended. A+!"
Hector Zacarias
Oakland, CA

"Stock footage is fantastic ... Thanks for an index with time length of clips. A+++"
Linda M. Guidroz
Tucson, AZ

"Superb product! Great service ... This is my second time and I'd still buy again!"
Carl A. Larsen
Moorhead, MN

"Finally — affordable stock footage and variety too."
Joe Sanders
A+ Video Productions
Memphis, TN

"Excellent, very smooth transaction, product is perfect"
Terry Marostega
Mark IV Promotions
Mississauga, ON

"Couldn't have gone smoother. Great product and service. Pleasure doing business!"
Robert Banook
Mediaworks Inc.
Dartmouth, NS

"Awesome product. Will get lots of good use. Thanks."
Joseph Jeffries
Longmont, Colorado

Check out our demo video. Requires QuickTime.

Are These Shots Royalty-Free?
Yes. Once you purchase the Time Image library you are free to use the shots for as long as you wish royalty-free in broadcast, non-broadcast, and Internet productions. You may not however resell any of the shots to be used as stock footage to any other person or company.

Why Is Time Image Such A Great Deal?
Stock footage is a tool that saves the production industry millions of dollars a year, however the prices for stock footage are still out of reach for many video professionals. Traditional stock footage companies can charge $400-500 for one shot for a one time non broadcast use, $700-1,200 for a single broadcast use! Plus you'll have to pay research fees, dubbing costs, and shipping costs.

Where Does Time Image Get These Shots?
We shoot 90% of the material ourselves for exclusive inclusion into the Time Image library. What we can't shoot we buy and license for re-sale to our customers.

What Is The Quality Like?
90% of the shots in the library where shot on film and mastered to Digital BetaCam for superior quality. We pull the MiniDV dubs from our Digital BetaCam masters. The only exceptions are shots in our Volume 6 News and War volume where the shots where acquired on BetaSP, and our Volume 10 Medicine. However, we choose only the best quality shots for the News library. (Time Image is the only royalty-free film library to offer a collection of contemporary news imagery.)

This is the $1M transfer suite where the Time Image library is mastered.

Does Time Image Sell On Tape Or DVD?
Time Image sells mainly on data DVD. Each file is a self-contained full resolution DV QuickTime movie stored on the data DVD. NTSC is 720 x 480, PAL is 720 x 576. The DVDs are fully PC and Mac compatible. Simply copy the shot you wish to use from the Time Image DVD onto your computer's hard drive, then import the shot into your editing program from the hard drive. These DVDs are for computer use only, they do not work in a consumer DVD player. The QuickTime file format works perfectly with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Vegas Video, and many others. (The Time Image library is also available at higher cost on Beta SP or Digital BetaCam, please e-mail for details.)

How Does This Product Make Me Money?
In addition to the huge savings achieved avoiding the stock houses, you can of course charge your clients for use of the Time Image shots that you place into their productions. Say for example your client needs four shots from the library in their production, you charge them $100 per shot and pocket the $400. None of this money needs to be passed onto Time Image, most producers make back their money after just one use.

What Is the Time Image Refund Policy?
Any defective product is replaced free of charge. Since stock footage can be copied to a hard drive and still used in a production after the masters have been returned, Time Image does not offer any cash refunds. We can in most cases provide you with a web movie for a shot that is of particular interest to you for you to view prior to purchasing if the need arises.

How Do I Contact Time Image?
Please e-mail us your questions. Our website will take and process orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy To Use!

1. Load using any DV camera or deck.

2. Edit using any DV editing software.

3. Done — amaze your clients!